Studying Afeeree

Studying Afeeree

A-Feeree —The Physical Language is taught exclusively at COBA Studios Canada and is one of the primary training methods of COBA Collective Of Black Artists. 
Training in Afeeree gave me a deeper understanding of the Afri-centric aesthetic and the technique required to execute movement within this modality."
Roshanak Jaberi (Jaberi Dance Theatre)

A-Feeree —The Physical Language is one of the primary training methods of COBA Collective Of Black Artists and taught exclusively at COBA Studios Canada. BaKari I. Lindsay also offers studio classes and master workshops nationally and internationally. 
An eight-week intensive certification program is available in the  A-Feeree training method. This certification program is open to advance to intermediate dance students, teachers, Griots and mentors who are interested in implementing this physical language as part of their training or teaching program. There are three levels of certification:
Certification COST - classroom materials included
Level 1 - $3500.00 per participant ( 8 participants per course) 
Level 2 - $2000.00
Level 3 - $1500.00
Certified Teachers are required to pay an annual fee of $150.00 to maintain status as a member of:A-FEEREE CERTIFIED TEACHERS (ACT)
On-Site courses are also available by request for Level 1 only.
On-Site Certification Infomation

Level 1

First phase of certification. This phase comprises of approximately 60 in-studio contact hours, where you will learn the physical principles of A-Feeree. There is also 60 hours of classroom lectures on the ethnographic research that informs the physical choices within A-Feeree, along with practical teaching sessions, research projects, videos, photographers and field trips to libraries, performances and museums. In order to fulfil this level of certification participants must pass a formal written exam comprising of the research covered during in-class lessons coupled with a written project linking A-Feeree to a chosen dance style. Along with the written exam and research paper there is also a practical teaching session, which participants should link to their research of your project. Upon completion of the course participants will receive a copy of the A-Feeree Teachers Manual.

Level 2

Candidates can only achieve level two (2) certification after they have been teaching for a minimum of three years and can demonstrate high proficiency in movement analysis and skill in A-Feeree technique. There is also a practical teaching exam which be assessed by BaKari IfaSegun Lindsay.

Level 3

Full Certification: Candidates who have been teaching using the A-Feeree method for a minimum of five years. Have completed level 2 certification and passed a practical teaching session. Upon completion of all three levels candidates will receive an official certificate, and honor of being in the unique company of A-Feeree Certified Teachers (ACT).
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