Principles of Afeeree

Principles of Afeeree

. The seven (7) basic principles within the Movement Aesthetic of A - Feeree as adapted from the original principles by Dr. Kariamu Welsh-Asante.

The seven (7) basic principles 

Polyrhythm - Is the concept that within movement there can be several rhythms happening at the same time.

Polycentrism - Is the concept of dancing to all of the rhythms, filling all the time.

Curvilinear  - Is the reliance of symmetrical, proportional and profile oriented form.

Dimensionality - Relates to texture in movement…something extra but promotes collectiveness in terms of spirit and individuality in terms of artistry. 

Epic Memory - Contributes to the ideal in the African artistic expression “Perfection cannot be achieved unless the experience or memory senses is drawn upon.”

Repetition  -Relates to the intensifying of a movement, sequence or the entire dance.

Holistic - Refers to community, where parts of a creation or individual/s are emphasized and accentuated but not beyond the whole.
"I found my grounding in the forward bends, and percussive back undulations in squat positions. It gave me a strong technical foundation to become more articulate in my execution of African dance movements. “
Lua Shayanne - Lua Shayenne Dance 
“Afeeree was my first introduction to polyrhythm and a structured, conditioned training using West African movement. It was a technique that opened my eyes to a holistic understanding of rhythm and movement vocabulary with elements of isolation, repetition and musical language in relation to live drumming. As a past training apprentice at COBA, the program prepared muscles"
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